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In addition to his role as a webmaster for and being a founding member of the KIA Illuminated Adepts, Anton Channing is the author of Chemical Serpents: Symbols of Illumination and Kaos Hieroglyphica: Alchemy for the new Aeon. He also had several rituals published in the Chaos Cookbook (ed D J Lawrence), wrote the forward to Jaq D Hawkins Chaos Monkey and was one of the 23 authors whose stories comprise Liber Malorum - Children of the Apple. He also keeps a blog on His illustrations appear in his own book and Chaos Monkey, both of which also feature is art on their covers. Additionally a couple of his illustrations also appear in the second edition of Understanding Chaos Magic by Jaq D Hawkins.


Extended Bio

Anton had their first experience of the unusual a pre-school child when they were contacted by a couple of entities they came to refer to as the Sandman and the Cat. Although brought up in the Roman Catholic faith, Anton had as a godfather a Pythagorean uncle, a reader of Man, Myth and Magic, who taught Anton programming and mathematics, two subjects they showed a high level of aptitude for.

Childhood continued with more mystical experiences and strange dreams, including contact with an entity Anton called 'the red ghost', a dream of being tied up in a barn, rescued by a girl and then chased by angry villagers that thought they were witches, and another of being dug out of the ground by a school friend, who found Anton naked but for shamanic body paint.

Adolescence provided some level of training, from the discipline of the Martial Art Tae Kwon Do. Anton went on to attain Black Belt First Dan, and win the under 16 national welter weight championship. It was in these classes that Anton first began the practise of meditation, a skill they came to value highly.

At 16 they had another encounter with an entity, this time of an unpleasant nature, experienced as a psychic attack. They instinctively managed to defend themselves from the experience. Anton began studies into paganism, magick, chaos and other occult subjects around this time, influenced by a friend into Crowley, Kenneth Grant and H.P.Lovecraft, another friend's mother into Alice Bailey and Benjamin Creme, and 2000AD comics, especially stories by Pat Mills such as Slaine, Nemesis, ABC Warriors and Third World War (in the spin off comic Crisis). Anton also obtained their first tarot deck during this period. They continued with Catholicism until near the end of their first year of University, during which time they received training as a reader at mass, and a Eucharistic minister.

Wicca and Paganism

During their first explorations of paganism, which included interest in Wicca, Druidry, Celtic myth and attendence at a couple of meetings for the Fellowship of Isis, Anton befriended a Wiccan man with whom we would meet regularly and to drink and talk in various pubs. Since both were teetotal at the time, they often drove out of the city of Norwich for these chats. On one such drive they encountered a large black cat, they size of a panther, standing in the road. The car had to stop and Anton remembers the eyes of the cat reflecting in the headlights. The cat then darted into the bushes.

Chaos Magic

Anton's interest in Chaos Magic, first inspired by the characters Nemesis and Deadlock from 2000AD, gained new life during Unversity, where the internet provided access to messages boards such as `alt.magick.chaos` and websites such as `Tools of Chaos` and `Chaos Matrix`. This would eventually lead to participation in the Illuminates of Thanateros, and the founding of KIA.

Natural Magic

Anton also spent a few years in a group that practised Natural Magic in a group lead by Valerie Thomas (author of 'A Witches Kitchen') and inspired by Marion Green.

Cyber Magic

A field of magic that enjoys significant overlap with the Chaos current, many early Chaos writers also pioneered thinking on cyber magic. Anton's own contributions have included the creation of several kinds of cyber magic software, including ChaosHex and EnigMagick.

UFO Magic

Recently, since recruitment into the MIB with Dana Varahi, as Agent M and Agent V, a UFO Magic paradigm has become .

Other Magical Currents

Throughout his life he has worked with a number of magical currents, many of which are still to some degree important to him.

Catholicism and Christianity

Brought up in a family half Irish Roman Catholic, half Anglican, the mysticism of the Christian tradition, and the power of the Saints continue to play an important role in Anton's magical practice. Whilst they considers himself both Catholic and Protestant, they rejects the authority of any priesthood or preachers, seeing in them a corruption of what he sees as the true revolutionary and anarchist message of Christ. In this thier Christianity is probably closer to Gnosticism and Voudoo, although it also draws influence from the Hermetic Protestant mysticism of D A Freher and the Philadelphia Society. He also suspects some ancestral link on his paternal line to the Reverend William Ellery Channing, founder of the Unitarian church.

Black Sun and Blood Moon

In the early 1990's, probably strongly influenced by the imagery described in the book of Apocalypse (aka Revelation), Anton's artwork displayed two main themes, a black, or eclipsed sun, and a bleeding moon (a lunar eclipse). These powerful images continued to prove a significant current on his magical journey, although often in altered forms. As his interest grew in the pagan current and lunar goddesses for example, he depicted the lunar goddess crying tears of blood. As his interest grew in Chaos magic he became fascinated with similarity of the sigil of chaos to a black hole, although when he designed the first logo for KIA, he made the central circle red, like a blood moon. In 1999 he performed a working under the August eclipse in Plymouth, which he celebrated by creating an image of the Egyptian god Set holding the eclipse aloft, surrounded by the words 'The Eclipse Set things Straight'. As his interest in alchemy grew his depictions of the Oroborus were often red, and he learned of the black sun's use as a representation of Negrido. He makes use of an obsidian sphere as a focus point on his altar.

The Hermaphrodite

Anton works the Hermaphrodite in various guises, including Baphomet, Ardhanarishvara, Slaanesh, the Oroborus, the Scarab, the Beast with two backs and Pangaea.


Other currents important to Anton include Alchemy, Hermeticism, Sorcery, Paganism, Zos Kia, Thelema, Kabala, Free Illuminism, Serpents, Tantra, Taoism, Buddhism, Entheogenic mysteries and Love.


Anton has decided to publish several of his articles here in the wiki, and open them for potential improvement by his readers! Indeed he is intrigued to see what might happen to them once he does. Hell, he may even edit them himself they are so old he probably doesn't agree with half of what he said any more! Still, each article will start off as the original, so that anyone can go back and see what the original was like at any time, as it will always be the oldest in the revision history.

Minor Arcana: Pagan Teenage Voice

I was very young when I wrote these, so be kind! --AntonChanning 08:30, 12 May 2007 (CDT)

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