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Theory 4 - Liberation and the Law of Paradox.

In Liber Minor Part 0, I explained how the idea of self liberation is a strong part of the Chaos Magick philosophy and approach to magick. I will now attempt to explain what it is Chaos Magicians are trying to liberate themselves from, and why they wish to do so. No small task of course, and properly deserves a whole book. Here however I will attempt to give you a condensed overview of the theory.

In life there are many things that we inevitably find ourselves enslaved to, including other individuals, organisations, jobs, money, time, habits, ideologies, religions and moral codes. If you enslave yourself to something it will inevitably treat you badly. It doesn't matter whether the entity is another human being or an abstract ideology, an organic entity material or theoretical, will come to lean heavily of its slaves and depend on them. The being will not have the time or energy to even consider the well being of its slaves, so long as the slaves are mindlessly following. Ultimately it will so take its slaves for granted it will begin to punish them for deviation in their service, or even simply out of boredom and whim. Thus it is undesirable to be a slave, to either man or god. Chaos Magicians thus seek to serve neither. Easier said than done.

I will take the women's liberation movement as an example, or feminism as its contemporary ideology is known. The principle of sexual liberation is a good one, it is undesirable for a woman to be enslaved to patriarchal ideology, and enslaved to men. In such a situation men treated women badly, not because men are inherently bad in the way they treat women, but because it is the natural way for a master to treat its slave. Men who have enslaved themselves to a woman have discovered that women can be equally cruel masters[1] . However, the feminists made a mistake, slavery can become a habit, and thus liberated from men feminists sought a new master to enslave themselves to, thus feminist ideology was born. A goddess of the atheist pantheon, with thousands of loyal devotees. The reason many women still cling to old patriarchal ideas is not because those old patriarchal ideas are actually right, but because what they see as the only alternative, Feminism, can be an equally cruel mistress and punishes severely women who don't want the same as it does itself. The few men that enslaved themselves to feminism out of guilt, and became the sacred New Men found that they too had a painful position in the new Feminist despotism. Those women, and indeed those men, who are most sexually liberated are the ones that swear allegiance neither to Feminism nor to old Patriarchy, but serve themselves and their own needs. This may happen to take some tenets of the Feminist and Patriarchal ideas, but as it happens to suit the individual.

You can see how this same principle can be applied to what happened in the Russian Revolution and the failure of Communism to liberate the people. So used to being slaves of the Tsar, the Russian people found a new master to serve, Communism, another god of the atheist pantheon[2] . Recently they dramatically changed fealties to another atheist deity, Capitalism, which again has proved that masters treat their slaves badly, no matter who they are.

The other factor that comes into play is the law of paradox. Paradox is especially noticeable in persons who enslave themselves to moral ideas. Morals are codes to be followed that restrict the individuals behaviour. Thus it stands to reason that moral laws are only made against actions which people want to do. For example, someone who believes it is immoral to eat chocolate, is actually someone who is suppressing their own desire to eat chocolate which they wish they didn't have. In effect any moral you choose to take upon yourself is actually a suppression of a desire to the thing you consider evil. If you didn't actually have an urge to commit the act, you would find no reason to create a moral restricting your behaviour concerning it. Thus the author of the Ten Commandments in the Old Testament actually desire to Blaspheme, Adulterate, have other gods, Murder, Steal and be disrespectful of their parents. Christians merely suppress these urges, until they find some excuse. It is worth noting that some of the worst cases of mass murder and theft have been committed by Christians. Marilyn Manson has not only been sent many death threats by Christians, he has actually been the victim of several attempted assassinations at Christians hands. Many abortion doctors have been killed by Christians. In contrast, how many Satanists have sent death threats to Christian pop stars?

Paganism is not squeaky clean either. Wicca has a moral which reads "An it harm none, do what you will". This means that Wiccans have suppressed desires to cause harm to people. If they didn't, why would they need to be told not to cause harm? In my own personal experience Wiccans are very adept at causing all kinds of harm to others without actually admitting they are breaking their own law. They often claim they are acting to "reduce the greater harm" or to "prevent self-harm" and other claims equally suspicious and reminiscent of the Christian Inquisitions language when burning witches, "We are killing them to save their souls from the evil clutches of Satan".

Reject all morals and adopt an amoral philosophy, in practise amoralists of one sort or another tend to be far nicer individuals, at peace with themselves and comfortable with the differences of others. Morals only serve to demonise actions until they grow in power and subtly take you over. Master yourself, liberate yourself from others, whether men or gods.

Practicks 4 - Habit Changing.

Time to put all this liberation philosophy into practise. First off, identify any morals that you may still be clinging to. Examine them and identify the suppressed desires they are caused by or are causing. Banish the morals and their respective demons. Replace them with the concept of self liberation and amoral philosophy.

Next, begin to identify the things you are enslaved to. This might be habit demons, such as smoking, picking your nose, scratching your bum, making phone calls at peak times, leaving your homework to the last minute or leaving used chewing gum on the bathroom mirror. It might be a girlfriend or boyfriend (you won't need to dump them in order to liberate yourself from them), a political ideology, patriotism or religious belief. It may have been treating you badly and you may wish to be rid of it, or at least to change your relationship with it so that you are respected by it and not enslaved by it. This is easier said than done. A brief outline of an example process is given below, taking the example of someone who wishes to liberate themselves from the slavery of cigarettes. The same process can be applied to any kind of un-useful habit.

The first step is to externalise the habit, and the part of yourself which identifies yourself with your habit. You are no longer a smoker. In fact you are not an ex-smoker or someone who has given up. No, you are definitely a non-smoker who was temporarily possessed by a smoking demon. At this point the demon is still around, trying to save its own life by trying to get you to start smoking again. It does this by pretending it is a vital part of your identity and that you are incomplete without it. This is in fact the truth, but don't let that concern you, be hard with this side of yourself and be rid of it. "If your left hand spite thee then cut it off" is a very apt description of what needs to happen. You may find it useful to draw a picture of you demon, and to name it. You could even right a passage about everything you know about the demon, such as it used to like you smoking one before, and one after breakfast. Work with the demon magically and in ritual if you need to. Replace it with a new constructive habit, such as eating three pieces of fruit per day, pr getting your homework finished right away. In this way the vacuum you created in the banishing will be replaced.

Notes [1] See Leopold von Sacher Masoch "Venus in Furs" available in many editions ranging from as little as �2.50 in price.

[2] There are many gods in the atheist pantheon, and yet atheists make themselves all the more easy to be enslaved since they don't actually recognise that they exist! Examples include Feminism, Communism, Capitalism, Environmentalism, Socialism, Football, the Internet, Political Correctness, Fascism, TV and various pop stars. See how many more you can think of.

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