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Organianizing Notes, In the Midst of Update and Awaiting for rest of Permissions

--Feather 22:19, 15 February 2013 (UTC)

F00lish Pe0ple have been an inspiration in my life, and continue to be so.
Their works have seen me through some of my darkest days, and me happiest;
not to mention the simple meanders about.
I do not think there is anyone whom would not have an experience
when observing and/or participating in such Doings. :)

FP Logo

F000.png000.pnglish Pe000.pngple

Founder: John Harrigan

~excerpt from the website~

"F00lish Pe0ple create Art, Theatre and Film that is an essential ritual, which raises a numinous experience within the spectator by combining these mediums with Hermetica, Gnosticism and the Esoteric. Our work is a powerful tool for positive change, which revolves around the suggestion that a story can be all encompassing, can be intriguing and can be entirely interactive. FoolishPeople takes its name from one of the major arcana of the tarot, card 0 The Fool."

Read more about F00lish Pe0ple.....

FP Gallery

Dark Nights of The Soul: Interview with John Harrigan


2013 Strange Factories

2012 Virulent Experience

2010 The Basement - Ward 12

2010 A Red Threatening Sky

2010 The Providence Experiments

2009 The Abattoir Pages
with Guerrilla Zoo

2009 Cirxus

2008 Terra: Extremitas

2007 Dead Language
2007 Desecration
2007 Weaponised Art 3.0
2007 Terra-Incognita
2007 Ghost Redux
2007 Ten Towers
2006 Dark Nights of the Soul: Cycle VI - Carousel
2006 Dark Nights of the Soul: Cycle V - Home
2006 Weaponised Art 2.0
2006 Weaponised Art 1.0
2006 Dark Nights of the Soul: Cycle IV - Congealed
2006 Dark Nights of the Soul: Cycle III - Emergence
2006 Dark Nights of the Soul: Cycle II - The Fluid Flesh
2005 Dark Nights of the Soul: Cycle I - The Wyrm Shroud
2005 Dr. Bleach
2004 Ruined Steel
2004 Escape from RS1
2004 The Flesh List
2004 Fizz
2003 Past the line between the land
2003 Zap Exhibition
2003 Vast (Book of Short Prose)
2002 The Singularity
1996 Vacuum (Book Of Short Prose)
1994 Revelations; Fear The Mind
1991 Enochian; Language of Angels
1991 Void (Dancer + Dance Choreographer)

Original 2001

FoolishPeople logo above designed by Sam Shearon
All content above lowest line © John Harrigan. 2001 - 2009
All Rights Reserved.

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